A.R.Akhatov , D.R.Mardonov , M.Q.Nurmamatov and F.M.Nazarov

The rapid development of information technology and the growing flow of information require the management of processes without the human factor. At the same time, it serves to organize the management of processes without the human factor in the learning process, to create a transparent environment for assessment, and to improve the quality of education. At present, it is important to meet the demand for quality personnel and youth employment in all countries. To solve these problems, it is necessary to determine the ranking of students in higher education institutions and provide employment based on the rating, as well as to develop an automated system for evaluating the ranking of these higher education institutions. Employers should be able to offer jobs to students with high ratings by selecting higher educational institutions in the required specialization, with open access to an automated system of rating and employment relations. In this paper, mathematical models for calculating rating processes for a system of automation of ratings and employment relationships are studied. In the process of calculating the rating, several parameters were adopted, namely the results of educational, scientific-creative, spiritual-educational activities and indicators of noncompliance of the student with the rules of the higher education institution. Mathematical models of calculation of rating points on the results of educational, scientific-creative, spiritual-enlightenment activity of the student are developed. An experimental experiment is conducted based on the developed mathematical models and the state of the models is analyzed.

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