A.R.Akhatov, A.E.Rashidov, F.M.Nazarov

Big Data is a collection of unstructured huge amounts of valuable different types of data that have been overlooked by humans so far due to the complexity of the storage, processing, and transmission process. For this reason, the effective use of Big Data today, that is, its complete and accurate analysis, increases the reliability of the data and opens great opportunities up for people to make the right decisions in all areas. One of such areas is the modern insurance industry. In the modern insurance industry, needs such as justifying customers’ confidence and detecting quickly the insurance frauds ,which are showing the growth for a day, require the use of Big Data technologies in the industry. At the same time, the lack of physical products for production and sales in the industry, the fact that data is the only valuable resource, and the fact that this data is growing by the minute, indicates the need to use Big Data technologies in the industry. This study demonstrates the existence of data flows in Big Data-type in the field of insurance today, and proposes a model against the insurance fraud via increasing the reliability of the data. The types of insurance fraud, shortcomings in the traditional methods of determining its size, indicators of the use of Big Data in the detection of insurance fraud in Uzbekistan are also presented in this research.

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