Methodology, advantages and difficulties of forming reading skills in learning English

Sattorova Fazilat Ermamatovna

           Abstract.  The English language is becoming one of the global languages all over the world. One of the main, but at the same time difficult, tasks in teaching any foreign language is teaching reading which is known as an important type of speech activity, as well as the most common method of communication. It is very difficult to learn any language without basic skills and reading skills. The first stage of learning to read is the formation of technical skills that are the basis for the formation and development of future reading skills. In this article reading is the studied as the process of looking at written symbols and letters and understanding the meaning of them. Students in non-philological directions come across some difficulties in linguistic causes as vocabulary, grammar structures, background knowledge and in some strategies, such as guessing meaning from the context, skimming, scanning and also in psychological causes as attitude and motivation. The paper also finds out some obstacles to help students to get over their difficulties.

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