Microscopic and macroscopic flow models of traffic management

F.M.Nazarov, B.Sh.Eshtemirov, Q.Sh.Saydullayev

Today, the issue of video data processing is very urgent. For example, determining the purpose of human behavior, analyzing economic networks, identifying and eliminating traffic jams on the streets, etc. Nowadays, the increase in the number of vehicles moving on the roads creates traffic jams on the city streets. This makes it urgent to eliminate traffic jams, especially in tourist cities. First of all, the causes of traffic congestion should be identified, traffic congestion can have various causes, such as insufficient capacity, unrestricted demand, traffic light delays, pedestrians crossing the roads at the wrong place , wrong location of sidewalks and etc. Therefore, there is a need to simulate and optimize traffic control to better meet this growing demand. In this research paper, microscopic and macroscopic traffic flow models are reviewed and their properties are discussed to determine which one is suitable for use in this study.

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